Just in case you hadn't noticed, this site is a work in progress!
[not dead, just distracted]


Thank you for taking the time to check out my site - it's fresh off the presses as of 6th March 2023.
I'm not 100% certain of the vision for this place yet, but I'm taking the time to find my footing with fully from-scratch coding (with some gentle frankensteining where I see fit, of course).

Hopefully with time this site will become a unique and slightly silly place to make my mark on the net, away from any algorithms or preset profiles. For now though, I have plenty of wonky html to write :)

Pumpkin Faerie page doll


[to come!]


[to come!]

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To Do!

  • collections sub-pages
  • "Newest Thing" card on the homepage??
  • more shrines
  • "quick thoughts" update feed on the homepage
  • create a self-hosted guestbook page
  • site badge!


  • Migrated my old 123Guestbook across to a self-hosted Guestbook Page.
  • Updated the Site Map to include the Archive, Black Box and Ophiuchus pages, as well as generally cleaning it up a little.
  • Migrated the command list for my Discord bot over from gdocs.
    (If you're wondering what I've been up to in terms of coding lately, it's this!)
  • Dumped a bunch of drawings up on the Art Page!
  • Updated the commissions sticky notes to actually link to something. For now that's an offsite page, but it does the job.
  • Fixed the incorrect date on a previous entry of the update log that had been there since October my bad
  • Added a link at the top of the Archive Page to the site's Wayback Machine listing.
  • Added a wiggly banner to the homepage to confirm that I'm not dead, just distracted, which is why updates have been minimal for a good while.
  • A black box has appeared. It seems unfinished.
  • Bug fixes and adjustments to the way tag pages are handled in the journal section. Most importantly, the Art tag page now actually shows posts tagged as "art" rather than "personal", and the post links provided on these pages actually work.
  • Finally populating the About Page with some info on both myself and the site! I have been putting it off for too long.
  • Added a drop shadow to the To Do list on the Home Page.
  • Created a little "Newest Thing" card on the Home Page sidebar! It's manually updated atm but the plan is to update it every time I upload new art, writing, a blog post, or even new pages.

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