ALIAS: three.
PRONOUNS: he/they.
AGE: 20s.
JOB: artist.
QUEER: queer.


You can call me three. You might find other names for me across the web, especially if you follow any outbound links from here, but I'd prefer to maintain the masquerade of anonymity where I can.
I'm here on neocities and, by extension, the larger indie web for many of the same reasons that you'll see on other people's about pages too: I'm a chronic creative-type, I find the templates of the centralised web overly restrictive, and I wanted a place to get away from the expectations of tradtional social media.

I have been many things, both on- and offline, including an artist, an SJW, a poet, a vent-blogger, a small-business owner, and a tired, burnt-out, autistic, queer 20-something. I grew up alongside the internet, cutting my teeth on Neopets pet pages long-since lost to time, and coming of age as a deviantArt furry. I create myself again and again in a new image across the history of the internet; this site, the Pumpkin Patch, is simply my latest, and perhaps most freeform, attempt at screaming into the void.

I am here.

I am here.

I am here.

I am here.

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Useless information about me!

  • I have over 700 hours logged across Splatoon 2 and 3.
  • My birthday is on Hallowe'en.
  • I recently rolled both a Natural 1 and a Natural 20 on the same advantage roll.
  • I like to design characters with big hoods on their clothes, regardless of genre.
  • My denim jack had over 100 pins & badges on it before I pulled them all off last year. I took them off because the jacket was too heavy to wear anymore.
  • I can lick my elbow.


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