Art Fight Round-Up

Despite Gravity's best attempts to stop me, I managed to eke a little bit of Art Fight participation out of 2023. Time to show y'all all the attacks and defenses I managed to fit into the last week of July (with one exception). This site is my fridge door and I am a proud parent armed with magnets.

A screenshot of my Art Fight profile, including large text that is crossed out that reads "I broke my fricken arms no art fight for me I guess," followed by a crying emoji. Above this, similarly large text reads "Art is back on the menu, baby!". Smaller text beneath these headings provides further explanation of the situation and my drawing capabilities at the time of writing.
My profile ended up pretty chaotic by the end of the fight.

The theme for the year was Vampires vs. Werewolves - a fun choice but not really one that I have much care about either way. I ended up leaving my team to random assignment, and so I represented Team Werewolves, which was nicely convenient for the folks on Team Vampires who wanted to attack me anyway. Speaking of, the first attack I received was from a very good friend who runs our Lancer campaign:

Sylvie, an androgynous mech pilot, scowls at the viewer. They are sat cross-legged in a manual wheelchair, and are wearing a green hardsuit.
My Lancer pilot, Sylvie, demonstrating perfect wet cat vibes.

This attack came right at the beginning of the fight, and meant a hell of a lot to me actually. I was feeling really cut up about not being able to join in with the fight after spending June preparing, and still trying to figure out how to manage with both hands in casts, so the fact that Hog decided to include me anyway (and as his first attack no less) was really appreciated. Also, he got Sylvie's angry-sad wet cat vibes absolutely on point lmao.
Of course, I had to get my revenge in against him once I got my right arm freed:

Hessian, a living scarecrow, reaches towards the viewer. He is crouched in an unsettling, creature-like stance.
100% Certified Fuckin' Creature.

Hessian wasn't actually the first attack I drew for the year though, as I had a couple of unofficial revenges I wanted to get in for attacks I received last year. Inkie's portrait [left] was pretty much the first thing I drew after getting my cast off beyond a few tester scribbles. I haven't yet done any fully 'clean' pieces with my usual fine linework, but I'm pleased with the texture I got out of using my sketching brush across the entirity of these pieces:

Inkie, a humanoid with cyan hair and black, pointed tentacles that reach round from their back. They are wearing a denim jacket and black hoodie, staring defiantly down at the viewer. Bossfight, a yurble (a bear-like creature) from Neopets. He is dressed in a gothic waistcoat and coat, and holding a magical sceptre.
Inkie and Bossfight, in exchange for two attacks last year.

Both Squiddie and Chips then revenged me back, of course - so I am once again in attack debt! But I've got my eye on some of their characters for next year, so that's fine.
Squiddie drew Morrissey for me - my sea elf cleric with an emotional range consisting of angry, sad, and tired. I absolutely love the funky, geometric style of their work and the chunkiness of their lineart so a piece from Squiddie is always an absolute treat for me.

Morrissey, a blue-skinned elf with long, curly hair. He is holding a spiked morningstar in his arms.
Morrissey my beloved grumpy middle-aged elf-

Chips did a super cute pixel portait of my 'sona - the pumpkin-headed faerie found on a few different pages of this site. One of my favourite parts of art fight is seeing characters drawn in styles and mediums really different to my own, and I love this piece so much!

Pixel art of my sona, a faerie with a jack-o-lantern for a head.
That's my lil guy!

Continuing the neopets theme, I was attacked by Connor from the neo discord, who drew my aisha Pixie. Connor produced an astonishing 81 attacks this year, mostly against neopets characters - his piece for me is really cute, and I'm excited to see where how his art improves over the next year! In response, I revenged with my own aisha drawing of his character Meadow.

Pixie, a starry aisha from neopets. Meadow, a yellow aisha from neopets.
An aisha for an aisha, a tooth for a tooth-

Before the fight began (and before I broke both my arms), I filled in a few hitlists for folks in the Art Fight discord - including for RabbitJaguar's OC Calendar project. Of the three characters I submitted, two were included in the final piece, and it's so cool to be included in such an impressive project! If you have the time I highly recommend going and checking out the full calendar - there's even options to print it and use it for 2024. I love both of these portraits - Heron [left] in particular looks so good in RabbitJaguar's style.

A calendar square for August 16th, featuring Heron, a dark-skinned man with colourfully-dyed hair. A calendar square for September 17th, featuring Sunny, a yellow-skinned tiefling wearing a formal school uniform.
Look at my children OCs!!

In revenge I drew Moonshadow - RabbitJaguar's moon-themed mime. This character's design is so good! I love all the little lunar cycle motifs across their outfit especially. Sadly I ran out of time to colour the piece before the fight ended, but I have lofty aspirations to finish it up some time soon.

Moonshadow, a human with long wavy hair, wearing a moon-themed clown costume. They are smiling and winking mischievously at the viewer.
I swear those sleeves will make more sense once coloured.

The last attack I received was from LightningEyed, who will have to wait for next year to be revenged! They drew Parlay, my oath of ancients paladin, as part of a final group attack - they're the elf in the top right of the piece. I love the flowers growing up over his shoulder and in his circlet!

A collection of black and white drawings, including two winged characters hugging, a dragonborn, a masked elf, a satyr, and Parlay.
So many amazing characters!

To wrap up, I ended with having drawn five attacks and received six. I'm really glad that I got the chance to draw for others, even if it was mainly as revenges for this and last year. Next year - assuming no more broken arms, category 5 disasters, or acts of god - I hope I can be more proactive (and prolific) with my attacks. Top of the list will be Lightning, but my bookmarks folder is yonks long as is, and will only continue to grow throughout the year. 'Til then, I have plenty of my own characters to draw as well!

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