Here you can read a full history of the changes I've made to the site - if you want to do that, I guess?


  • Migrated my old 123Guestbook across to a self-hosted Guestbook Page.
  • Updated the Site Map to include the Archive, Black Box and Ophiuchus pages, as well as generally cleaning it up a little.
  • Migrated the command list for my Discord bot over from gdocs.
    (If you're wondering what I've been up to in terms of coding lately, it's this!)
  • Dumped a bunch of drawings up on the Art Page!
  • Updated the commissions sticky notes to actually link to something. For now that's an offsite page, but it does the job.
  • Fixed the incorrect date on a previous entry of the update log that had been there since October my bad
  • Added a link at the top of the Archive Page to the site's Wayback Machine listing.
  • Added a wiggly banner to the homepage to confirm that I'm not dead, just distracted, which is why updates have been minimal for a good while.


  • A black box has appeared. It seems unfinished.
  • Bug fixes and adjustments to the way tag pages are handled in the journal section. Most importantly, the Art tag page now actually shows posts tagged as "art" rather than "personal", and the post links provided on these pages actually work.
  • Finally populating the About Page with some info on both myself and the site! I have been putting it off for too long.
  • Added a drop shadow to the To Do list on the Home Page.
  • Created a little "Newest Thing" card on the Home Page sidebar! It's manually updated atm but the plan is to update it every time I upload new art, writing, a blog post, or even new pages.
  • Fixed some of the page arrangement (specifically the tag pages) in the Journal section.
  • Added tag index pages for "art" and "personal" to the Journal section.
  • New journal post!
  • Added Pride Flag and V / Peace Hand to the Emoticon Locker.
  • Updated the To Do list.
  • Fixed page titles on a couple of the creative writing pages.
  • Fixed a typo and a couple of date errors in the Change Log.
  • Added an Emoticon Locker to the side of the home page, so I can keep all my frequently-used emoji to hand on desktop.
  • Added alt text to relevant images throughout the home page.
  • Fixed a typo and a couple of date errors in the Change Log.
  • Site-wide adjustment to fix the horizontal scrollbar appearing on every page.
  • Replaced the placeholder image on the Landing Page with a different placeholder the rough sketch version of the animation that will eventually go there. Also adjusted the css animation timings to better match the gif.
  • Added proper content to Collections. Decided that a list of buttons was boring and so instead we have stuff sitting on a little shelf!
  • Adjusted the body css so that background images no longer scroll. This should make super long pages (like journal entries) look less busted without sacrificing the theme.
  • Created the Coins Page under collections! Filled it up with all my current collection, including taking pictures of my extra weird/unique coins.
  • Added a lil pixel art next to the guestbook link.
  • Made my first shrine, for Kurt Vonnegut. Super barebones right now, by which I mean it is literally just an ascii tomb stone.
  • Writing Index created. Minor adjustments to layout on the writing subpage for my dissertation bc the references were too long and broke the page a bit. whoops.
  • Fixed a broken link on the credits page. (lbrt if you're on neocities you already know the link for neopets)
  • Updated the sidebar link to my Professional Portfolio. Yes this did involve updating every single page of the site. No I did not take the opportunity to streamline this in any way for next time.
  • Guestbook created & linked!
  • Added post tags to the top of journal pages as well as the bottom, to give readers a rough idea of topics in each particular blog post.
  • Updated Site Map to include new pages.
  • Fixed links to the Art Page as I broke?? something??? and now even if a page exists as /art it will just send you to Page Not Found. Leaving it overnight to see if it fixed itself did not work.
  • The Creative zone has been updated from its placeholder into a proper layout, including links to four (4) pages that do not yet exist. Uh. Coming soon?
  • As part of the Creative page layout, I've been working on making a section that will show the four most recent art or writing pieces that I've uploaded to the site, using javascript to keep it up to date.
  • The Not Found Page has been customised!
  • Minor debugging of the status script to fix issues with the dates. Mostly fixed but for some reason it considers midnight to be between 1am and 10:30am. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Added a status box with live updates of what I'm playing on Spotify, managed through a script to avoid spamming the neocities dashboard with minor updates.
  • Linked FontAwesome icons into the homepage
  • Site Map filled in!
  • Update Log archive created and filled in. (Hello!)
  • A lot of debugging the modified zonelets script. Miracle mentioned in 10/03/23's logs went unobserved.
  • even more debugging. First blog post is up! Hopefully everything works!
  • Tried embedding a tumblr feed on the homepage. Broke the layout of the whole page. Removed the tumblr feed.
  • added filler page templates to all the the links in the navbar, with a list of individual plans on each
  • offsite links in navbar now open in a new tab by default
  • started working on the site in dreamweaver, rather than directly in the neocities editor
  • moved cursor trail script to a separate, called-in file for tidiness
  • so like. I don't explicitly know javascript? But uh. I've just spent several hours editing the Zonelets script to function with tags. Honestly it might be a miracle if it works when I make it live
  • Added the update log!
  • Landing page created and linked to homepage
  • Continuing building up the basic site layout.
  • Added moving features across landing and homepage, including wobbling text and marqueed spacer image
  • "You are here" marker added to navbar
  • Credits page created and filled
  • Site created! Yippee!
  • cursor sparkle script added (good first priority lmao)
  • Built up basic navigation menu (actual site pages to come!)
  • Added pagedoll to homepage
  • Added offsite links next to nav menu
  • added blinkies & small page decor to homepage

Wow - You made it all the way to the bottom! Did you really read all that?