Art Fight Approaches!

EDIT 26/06/23: Yeah I broke my arm and won't be able to draw for like 6 weeks. Probably not gonna be able to partake in Art Fight this year after all.

Art Fight 2023 is swiftly approaching, and art discords everywhere are beginning to buzz with reference prepping, URL swapping and character bookmarking.

Art Fight is an annual, month-long art swapping event, where artists are split into two teams that "attack" one another by drawing each other's characters. Entries can be any medium, style, or skill level of visual art. It's a fun, slightly chaotic event that's absolutely worth a look if you like creating and receiving character art.

You can find me on Art Fight as DrewPicturesAni.

2023 will be my fourth year of participating - previously I've supported teams Sugar, Cyberpunk and Bloom. My character roster is mainly DND and other tabletop RPG characters, with a few wildcards - including neopets, a faerie, and an inkling - thrown in. As a fun little extra this year, I've made a quiz to help people decide which of my characters they might like to draw. You can take it here!

I'm not yet sure how much time I'll have to devote to the event but I'm hoping to get a good few attacks in this year! I often go for shaded full-body pieces which slows me down (not to mention when I get over-enthusiastic and start painting or drawing full scenes), but I'm thinking of going for a looser - and hopefully quicker - style this year, that's somewhere between my sketch and illustration styles. Here's a test piece I drew of my inkling yesterday:

A drawing of an inkling throwing yellow ink out of a slosher, drawn with a soft brush.

Teams will be announced on the 23rd June. Of the shortlisted options, I think I'm most hoping for Knights vs Dragons, although I wouldn't mind most of the others. If we get Order vs Chaos I think I might have to do a Splatoon mass attack to mark the blatant rip-off borrowing of Splatoon 2's final fest theme. Honestly, I might do one anyway because it sounds like fun. Don't hold me to that though.

Regarding my personal Art Fight ettiquette:

  • I will draw most kinds of characters, but lean toward humanoids.
  • I try my best to revenge every attack I receive!
  • I don't initiate friendly fire, but I'll usually revenge it.
  • I don't do revenge chains.
  • I will go feral for characters with playlists. Gimme.

Otherwise, I think that's all I have to say here! I'll probably do another blog post at the end of the event rounding up all the art I drew and received. Hope to see some of y'all on site (or not, if it crashes again) come July 1st!

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