Give them Bread and Circuses 

"And they will never revolt."
Poetry - 2023. Fuck the monarchy.

Good News!
She's dead!
The queen of England is dead!
The figurehead of kingdoms far and wide
Who inherited the colonies then turned her eyes-
She's dead.

The circus is well and truly in town-
The ringleader is dead, but the show
Must carry on.

The media blitz insists
The people are mourning-
You are mourning,
Aren't you?
As you count your pennies
One by one,
You must be mourning.
Not for the winters to come
Marked by famine and freezing,
But for the queen of clowns in her
Solid gold crown-
She's dead.

As her people pay
Coin by coin
For bread.

The circus is in town and setting up
For their most expensive performance in 70 years.
Long gone are the days of unicorns
And lion-tamers-

But still, valued subject,
Cough up your coin
And listen to these silver-tongued proclaimers
As they tell tales tall as palace spires
Of the "No Expense Spared"
"Cost of Living-Conscious"

Take to your knees, peasant-
And feel the rapture
Of this:
Your undoubted king.
You will swear allegiance,
Won't you?

And when next you run short
Of pennies for bread
Know your coins paid the way for the circus' crown:
The ringleader is dead-

Long live the clown.

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