Bristol Microfic

Bristol makes request. A super short piece to explore their body language and stim behaviours when anxious.

"Bristol Rosario?"
Bristol turned their face sharply towards the cracked door of the principal's office. They rose unsteadily, their skin feeling tight, prickiling against the bite of their metal joints.
The LEDs on their helmet flickered for a moment, settling on a neutral pair of eyes - they would save complicated expressions for a less complicated conversation. Bristol closed the door behind them carefully, the latch coming to rest with a soft "snck."
The principal met their gaze as they turned, gesturing towards the chairs opposite her desk. "Please, take a seat. And tell me, what is so important as to request a direct meeting with me- on the weekend, no less." Her eyes were lidded with exasperation as she leant forward over the desk.
Haltingly, Bristol sat, their limbs tense. Hesitantly they began to speak, turning slightly to avoid the principal's piercing gaze.
"I would - I, I've been thinking - " they drifted off, shifting uncomfortably in their seat. Suddenly their throat seemed to have closed around their words, refusing to let them out. Instinctively they began running the drawstring of their hood through their fingers, focusing on the soft buzz beneath their nails.
The principal crossed her arms on her desk, staring into the eyes projected by Bristol's helmet.
"Come on kid, I haven't got all day."
"I, uh. Um." Bristol's helmet LEDs blinked out, fingers still running up and down the drawstring. "I..."
They swallowed strongly, forcing the words out of their throat.
"I want to meet the people that I hurt."

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